The Instructor's Message

Why Trust Me?

I strongly believe I can be the right man to lead you as you embark on the final stretch of your O/Level and IGCSE education. I have been in your place before, and understand how important these last days can be. By the grace of Allah, there are several reasons you can place your trust in me; a few are mentioned here.

  • I obtained 12 A*s in IGCSE in 12 subjects: Accounting, Islam, Mathematics, ICT, English, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Urdu, Pakistan Studies, Business Studies, Economics
  • I obtained 5 Regional Awards in 5 subjects: Islam (Highest Mark in Middle East), Economics (Highest Mark in KSA), Mathematics (Highest Mark in KSA), ICT (Highest Mark in KSA), Chemistry (Highest Mark in KSA). I was honoured to be welcomed into the house of the Ambassador of the United Kingdom to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In the picture embedded to the right, I can be seen receiving the 5 certificates for the respective subjects aforementioned.
  • In SAT II, I ended well above the 95th percentile for Biology, Physics and Chemistry, with scores of 750, 790 and 780 respectively.
Instructor receiving reward CrashLessons
  • I obtained 3 As in A/S examination for the 3 subjects of Biology, Physics and Chemistry.
  • I obtained 3 A*s in A/2 examination for the 3 subjects of Biology, Physics and Chemistry.
  • I was awarded the ‘Outstanding Achievements’ Award’ at the Annual Awards Day of a top institution of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (SLIS-R, my alma mater), held in 2019, which was the first time in the institution’s history such an award was distributed, and in over 30 years of history, has only ever been awarded to 1 other student.
  • Most importantly, an extremely professional behavior, coupled with an unnerving confidence in my abilities and potential, as well as a strong work ethic to serve my students in the best manner possible!

Extraordinary Experiences

It has been an honor for me to serve with distinction wherever I have been in the last years. Sports, Academics, or Discipline: I have excelled in every field  I have stepped in. 

In this journey, I have had exceptional experiences – from meeting Ambassadors, to helping plan, organize and execute large events, I thank God for helping me achieve it all.

My Core Values

I am not satisfied until I have fulfilled my duty. My responsibilities do not burden me, but are a source of fulfillment and joy. I believe in hard work, hard work, and more hard work. I believe one can achieve whatever he/she desires if he/she works tirelessly in its pursuit, God Willing. 

I can't wait to meet you in my class soon!

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